Need some help sorting through all the noise out there about what you should and shouldn’t eat?

Want to have a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to start?

Know you need to make changes, but have no motivation to do it on your own?

Feel like you should be role modelling good habits for others around you, but not sure how to do that yourself?

I offer online and in-person nutrition coaching, to help people redesign their daily habits to improve their health and simply feel better.

Although the primary focus may be on your nutrition, I approach everything from a holistic perspective. By learning about you as a person, together we can find balance in all areas of your life and wellbeing such as:

  • physical activity
  • relationship with food
  • social support systems
  • adjusting mindset
  • rest and recovery

all while sticking to your individual values.

There are no ‘good’ foods or ‘bad’ foods; no ‘best’ diets to follow; no restrictions to what you can and can’t have. We work together to ensure you still get to enjoy the good things in life, as well know how to get back on track again when necessary.

To ensure you are working towards the healthiest version of yourself, you are in control. I am there to guide and provide support along the way. This is a sustainable approach to set you up on a path towards a new lifestyle and because you know yourself better than anyone, it makes sense to start like this right at the beginning of your journey with me.

Working with me one-on-one, focusing specifically on your immediate goals at any given time.

  • Weekly check-in either in-person or via video chat.(depending on location)
  • Weekly tasks/action customised to you, to keep you focused on your goals
  • Useful tips, resources, articles and general support offered regularly via your platform of choice.

Minimum 2 month commitment. Discount packages available up to 12 months.

Working with me in a family and/or friend group of up to 4 people. Focusing on fundamentals of healthier eating with the support of people close to you.

  • Fortnightly group lesson, Q & A’s and check-in via video chat.
  • Weekly tasks/actions to keep you on track
  • Useful tips, resources, articles and general support shared within group chat regularly.

12 week package, one set price regardless of group size (2-4 participants). Extension packages available.

I will also be offering workshops and courses on simple, but effective tools to use when you want to start making small changes to your eating habits.

If you are interested, please contact me and I will let you know when these services are available.

Interested in working with me? Get in touch today!

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